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 Lighting Busbar Equipment for bag products
27-12-2018, Saat: 05:36,
Yeni Üye
Üye Grubu
Kayıt Tarihi: 27-12-2018
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Lighting Busbar Equipment for bag products

Pathway type moving air cushion Cutting bed
Cutting busbar is a kind of small traction, small erosion,long service life product. It is use for small electric equipment. Now it can supply power to spreading machine, auto-cutting table, manual operation electric shears and so on.
Service--Quality Warranty--Installation Duration Guarantee:
① The Service in Range To every Customer in DAMIR Including:
▲ Project Consultation, Design, Supplying & Matching, Installation, Commissioning & Operation, After Service, Electrical Line Maintenance and Trusteeship Service
1. What need to be noticed during the install of intensive busbar?
Now, there are two kinds of the busbar: horizontally arranged and down lead arranged.
2. What is the Data sheet standard of the busbar?
When choose the busbar the referential data sheet is too small. Even some busbar have similar cross sectional area, same material, but the work efficiency are different. So when choose the busbar need to notice the applicative occasion. Some busbar needs fire-proof, waterproof and so on. Even in the occasion their purpose are different, like some of the busbar have fireproof performance, when meets the fire it can make sure of the electric safety running.
3. What is the feature of the aluminium alloy busbar? When purchase what needs to be noticed?
The main feature of the aluminium alloy busbar is corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength. When purchase please tell the factory that you need is aluminium alloy shell or inner conductor is aluminium. Then I suggest if you buy the aluminium alloy busbar please choose the factory directly sale, because the quality can be sure, and the after service can be guaranteed.
Key point
Cooperation with the sewing assembly line which use the sewing machine like Bother, Busan, Jack, Juki, TYPICAL, ZOJE very well, constitute the art up lighting and power production line.
After service
1. Our company will be strictly according to the consumer's requests, guarantee the delivery time and complete your project with high quality.
2. Three-years free maintenance will be carried out with all the sold equipment and spare parts(except daylight lamp). In the warranty period, they can be freely provided.
3. The company always keeps the pribciple”customer first, fast response, immediate action”, provide the best effort and hospitality in our shortest time.
4. In the service life, we guarantee to provide the necessary quick-wear part and other parts within three days.
5. After the products start to use, our technical make a customer product-satisfaction survey once a year and betimes carry back the condition of product-utilization.
6. Under guarantee, if the equipment break down, we will respond within 8 hours after receive the inform, to make sure solve the problem as soon as possible.
7. Obtain the customer's respond and inquire of the specific feel, collect purchaser's opinions and advice, solve the product-utilizing matters concerned.Lighting Busbar Equipment for bag products
27-12-2018, Saat: 05:36
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